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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
Djokovic and Murray don't really have any hardcore fans. There's really only Nadal fans and Federer fans and then a bunch of fairweather fans who'll jump from one bandwagon to the next. Actually after reading the comments on these threads, there are a lot of Federer and Nadal bandwagoners too.
There are almost no Nadal bandwagoners. If you are going to jump on a bandwagon, it isn't going to be Nadal, its going to be Federer obviously. Nadal is the guy most of the tennis world has consistently been saying would retire young and was breaking down physically. Nobody would jump on that bandwagon. Nadal fans are genuine Nadal fans. And if their ever were any bandwagoners, they will have fallen off after the 7 month absence (or the 2009 disaaster).
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