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I use these:

It can occasionally be a bit annoying if you're using them casually with your back against a chair/wall/whatever, and you become really aware of a stiff wire pressing against your neck, but honestly they're the best earphones I have (GEOAT?).

I bought them so I could listen to music when I go running (excuse me, "jogging," before someone lectures me on semantics), but I also use them around the home or on the train/bus. I never realised how much more convenient it would be to listen with earphones without wires, but being able to get up from my chair when listening to music on my laptop without unhooking myself for instance, is pretty cool.

Also, if you hold down the vol+/- buttons, you can skip tracks forward/back. Pretty handy, and it works with my itunes on my Mac and my Samsung Galaxy music app as well.

They need to be recharged fairly often though*. Then again, so do smartphones, and I imagine we've all gotten used to that by now.

*And your ears stick out something awful, but I personally can live with that.
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