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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
You'd have more luck finding decent outlet stores in the US than Thailand. They're not really that sort of place, notwithstanding most of the tennis stuff is made elsewhere - not Thailand.
Agreed...I found myself treating my recent KL, Malaysia sojourn as an opportunity to window-shop the local retail sports scene which pretty much centred on badminton, soccer and golf. I realised I'd be disappointed if I got hung up on finding good tennis stuff in a place without any tennis culture. Besides, it was near-impossible to find gripsizes beyond 1/4.

I found myself venturing away from the glitzey malls and sports stores within them, and exploring Chinatown. There, I had fanciful hopes of taking a wrong turn down a street and entering a back alley known to locals as "Tennis Gear Alley" and finding mom and pop shops offering the Mother Lode of new old stocks
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