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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
Very true.
Indeed. I think what I find baffling about this forum is that even though Federer has passed virtually all of Sampras' records and some keep saying that Federer is much better than Sampras, they keep having to say this on not only a daily basis, but a minute by minute basis which is a bit crazy.

Far from all of the obsessional arguing on this forum between posters, I actually think this is a big compliment to Sampras and perhaps Sampras is a lot better than they are letting on with their comments (if you see what I mean). If you think about it, Sampras last played a match in 2002 and yet on a daily basis his name is mentioned in General Pro Player discussion more than almost 98% of the current tour players.

I kind of see this all now as a bit of a laugh and not to be taken seriously.
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