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Is Organix 10 mid good with full gut at low tension? I playtested it with NRG2 at 55, and it was quite powerful yet no problem with control. Somebody here mentioned that full poly might be a better option for Organix 10 mid, so I want to know your experience with full gut at low tension
I have never played with poly's because of elbow issues in the past. However, the mid plays very smoothly with full gut.
I do not see any drop off in control. I hit more flat but I am getting a fair amount of spin with the mid. I strung it at 50/47(c) and as would expect there is plenty of power on tap but control as well. I string my sticks with Wilson 17 which is close to the old Babolat formulation. Strung at low tensions there is that organix stiff but soft sensation. It is hard to describe but what most people call the Volkl feeling. This set up appears to also get some ball pocketing.
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