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Default LM Radical MP substitute


I'm a 22 year old player. I would say I'm 4.5-5 NTRP. I beat 4.5 players pretty comfortably and put good fights against 5 level players, but I tend to lose close matches.

I've been playing with a LM Radical MP for a long time, but I'm starting to struggle.

Love the control and feel of the Rad, but I'm coming back into competition and I'm a little bit frustrated. I play in Spanish clay and people usually play heavy topspin baseline tennis. I've also noticed that people here don't use what you call 'players' racquets, they stick with the typical PD, Aeropros and all that stuff, even players at 5.5 level

I feel like despite all the effort I put into being agressive, I end losing games and matches by slight margin and keep getting 'outpushed'

I'm looking for a more spin friendly racquet, and maybe more power. Something between 315 and 325-330 gr strung and not above 330-335 SW. Some options I've been looking at

- IG Speed (MP or Pro)
- IG Radical MP (they say it has more power)
- IG Radical Pro
- BLX Blade 98
- Yonex Vcore Xi 98

Opinions are welcome
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