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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
I recall that Sampras averaged 115mph on second serves in his 2001 US Open no-breaks QF victory over Agassi. Then he averaged 85mph against Hewitt in the final. I suspect it had something to do with the back-to-back SF-F format. If it weren't for that, I think Sampras probably would have shown up with his full-strenght 2nd serve and handled Hewitt no problem.
lol, wut ? sampras avged 103 mph on his 2nd serve vs hewitt, not 85 mph...hewitt was in the zone in the SF and the final and he handled sampras easily ... it was sampras' tough draw (rafter, agassi & safin ) that made him vulnerable ...

it didn't have that much to do with the SF and F on consecutive days ( he had only a ~2 hr match vs safin in the SF )

even with an easier draw for sampras, it'd have been closer, but hewitt would still have beaten him ....

and if anything the back-to-back SF-F format helped sampras in 2002 when the SF vs hewitt tired agassi ...
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