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Another 2 hours of play with this string and still holdong pretty well although the string is startig to loose some of its softness and is well notched and the string movement is starting to get sloppy and hard to rearrange. Also on a 18x20 this is definitely a bigger issue. I am not sure its ready to break but the notching and drying has caused its natural snapback and flex to be lost a bit and in turn a bit of the performance. AGAIN A BIT, it is strill very playable but not at its best. This is a multi and about 6 hours of play on it, that is pretty good. Most POLYS I dont use for more than 6-8 hours anywyas before they break or I cut them.

Let me summarize this review because I said all I wanted to say with my first post. THIS STRING IS A PERFORMANCE string. If I had to play a match for my life and had to choose a string to do it, this string will be in my top 5 choices and could easily be the one. The control and confidence this string brings you is way up there and perhaps better than I have ever felt with a string. I beleive that faster swing speeds will definitely bring out the best of this string and the lower power players and lower tier players may not really enjoy what this has to offer. Its like putting me to drive an Indy Car, I could not possible get the most out of the car. This is a performance string and accents quality power strokes but does very little for sloppy slow ones, and I do have my sloppy ones at times to vouch for it. To use a golf term this is like a higher compression golf ball that unless you have the swing speed and the proper impact of a higher level player to be able to compress the ball you are wasting your money on this kind of expensive ball. (By the way I am a golf pro, sorry for the golf analogies its just sometimes they make it easier to explain or relate for me)

Again the only issue and its a NON ISSUE is the use as a daily play string where longevity becomes an issue, or the cost factor.

AGAIN in summary, this is a players string, this is a ferrari so those of you looking for a PRIUS look elsewhere.
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