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Default Racket For My Game


I play an all court game with flat power, looping topspin and slices and short angel shoots. Very versvitale and a lot of variation.

I boom my first serve or kick it, slice it and I notice that everyone i play against have problems with my spin.

I´m 42 yeras old and have pretty good foot work all though I´ve got too much soft "mucles".

Last year I have played a leaded prince hybrid 03 citrus (105sq/in and 308 gram strung leaded ) "easy" to get power and trampoline free speed.

I have noticed lately that my good techniqe has gone bad and I am lazy and just rip the ball since I can get away with it with this racket.

Last training I played my Prince response precision TI 12.3 oz and my technique was back. I just took full swings on almost everything and blew my opponent of court. This frame is 13 year old and a bit dead though.

I´m thinking about getting me a players stick like a Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid or a Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 (16x1 or a POG 107 or a Volkl Organix 8 (315g).

Which type of racket do you think will suite my game best?

I play mostely singles but also dubbles 2 hours a week.

I can´t demo the frames that is why I call upon you expertise...
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