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Default Prince Ace Face 90

I have an old racquet from my childhood. It's a Prince Ace Face 90.

I wonder if any of you guys have the specs or have used it. It seems to look a lot like the Prince Graphite Pro 90 (i.e. Looks like the Prince Original but without the bar in the throat). 14 X 18 string pattern, 90" or 93" head size. Any idea what the stiffness rating is? It feels around 12 ounces/340 grams but I'm not sure (difficult to tell just by feel).

I think it's made of Graphite + Fiberglass, but i could be wrong.

Here are some photos I googled of an identical racquet to what I have (mine is without all the scratches).

It has "Prince <T> Patented 1990 Prince MFG, Inc written on the inside of the throat.

Any ideas? I have restrung it and have hit with it a bit. Very arm friendly in terms of shock absorption. Makes me want to check out the Prince Original 90".
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