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This is what I predict and sounds the most realistic

Federer 17-18 (his been written off for years now but always proves the naysayers wrong, but at 32 this year, his time may really be coming to an end, I'm predicting one more hard court slam or wimby)

Nadal 15-16 (You can't dent his sheer talent, could have already been at this number if it weren't for his slam absences and breaks, I'm predicting 2 more French opens, and 3 of the other 3 Slams in no particular numbers)

Djokervic 12-14 (His getting better and better and I could see him getting two slams a year til his 29, with the decline of Federer I see almost no one challenging him besides Rafa or an in the ZONEE Murray, with that being said the slams are all for his taking, his become much like Federer, he never seems to lose on the early rounds of slams or to journeymen like Nadal and Murray)

Murryvich 5-6 (it seems almost too good to be true but his finally won his first slam, why better way to win it then by beating Djokovic in 5, his just beat fed in a slam for the first time and I can really see him getting the better of Nadal at all the slams besides RG, although his 1-5 in grand slam finals which is rather depressing, once Federer really declines and Rafas getting a bit older, I can see Murray winning 5-6 slams, I'd say his improved since 2010-2011, he just seems to have mental blocks in slam finals)
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