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Nadal with additional 6 majors at the age of 27+? Good luck with that. Federer is almost 32 and he's won 5 majors since the age of 27 but Nadal whose body is falling apart is gonna win 6. LOL

Djokovic with 14 majors looks crazy but at least he's very much in his prime and the favorite for every major (except the FO maybe) for the next 2-3 years. Unlike Nadal.
Federer only won 5 majors since 27 since he was facing Nadal and Djokovic in their primes. Nadal will be facing Djokovic and Murray who are getting old right with him, and a bunch of mugs coming up the ranks who cant win squat unless they wear a dress and enter the ladies event (and will still get beaten by Serena on a good day).

If you disagree with my Nadal counts, then just give more majors to Djokovic and Murray. No way in hell the 4 of them will only another 10 majors or so when there is nobody out there capable of winning one until 2017 atleast.
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