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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
If you disagree with my Nadal counts, then just give more majors to Djokovic and Murray. No way in hell the 4 of them will only another 10 majors or so when there is nobody out there capable of winning one until 2017 atleast.
I just don't see how you can make that kind of claim. People break through all the time. Established players get injured or lose their desire. Look at McEnroe or Wilander. Seven slams apiece, amazing players, and they totally lost it after their respective best years, You'd have been crazy to predict McEnroe would win no more slams after 1984 or Wilander no more after 1988, and yet it happened. Who expected Borg to retire outright at the peak of his game? Murray and Djokovic look amazing right now - and they are amazing - but if the history of tennis has taught us anything, it's that that time is fleeting. Their games will fall, new guys will come up. I don't know who. Janowicz looks pretty damn good. Del Potro could still get back to his 2009 form. Tsonga and Berdych are always big threats at slams. It's just impossible to say. You project too far into the future based on the form and condition of players right now.
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