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Seven years ago, Djokovic, Murray, and Del Potro had all yet to break through. And now they're all slam winners.
In 2007 it was evident Djokovic was a future slam winner, and in 2008 it was evident Murray was (though it took even him a shockingly long time to become so). In the 5-6 years since then nobody else has broken through apart from the likely 1 time fluke of Del Potro who hasnt even won a Masters title yet. Since the 2005 French when Nadal won his first slam there has only been 1 slam winner outside of Federer, Nadal, Murray, and Djokovic. That is 8 years and counting. 3 of those are only in their mid 20s still, and the current up and coming group and junior group behind them are nowhere near as talented as even the still slamless Berdych generation of players, and the almost slamless Del Potro generation.

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