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Default Can the talk of talk of top d3 schools being better than unranked d1 schools end?

I've read numerous posts on this board ragging on smaller d1 schools, encouraging kids to look at top d3 schools instead, talking about how bad these d1 schools are, etc...

Kenyon is ranked #2 in d3 tennis. They finished runner up in last year's National Championship, losing a tight match 5-3 to Emory. They got thrashed today by UW-Green Bay, unranked d1 team, 7-0. Not even a competitive singles match in there.

I may have a chip on my shoulder here since I've seen posts specifically targeting my alma mater (Green Bay), saying they are a garbage program and people would be better off going to UW-Whitewater. (just search posts by the poster "dusso"). So to clarify where this is coming from, that's your answer.

Anyway, let's stop those posts right now that say how much greater the top d3 programs are than smaller d1's....

d1 tennis is where it's at.
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