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Why is Nadal playing the VTR? It's a complete joke. This comeback is a joke. He could play the French Open without a single match under his belt and still win it. Watching him play Chardy, Delbonis, and G-Traver has been embarrassing, and frankly it gives no indication of how well he is actually playing. His only threat is Novak Djokovic, and the only way to gauge how well he's playing is for him to play Novak. Who else is going to beat him? Murray? Federer? Ferrer? No way. Federer couldn't beat Nadal in a game of checkers, and certainly not after seven months off the tour. If Nadal had been in a wheel chair for 24 months and not hit a single tennis ball, only then would I give Federer a chance in hell at beating him at the French Open, but it's still only like 10:9 against Nadal.
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