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Originally Posted by slice serve ace View Post
no, he didn't, that was in 2000 when he beat hewitt in straights

vs hewitt 2001 he was 110 mph on 1st and 95 mph on 2nd

compare that with previous 3 rounds

vs rafter 120 on 1st, 103 on 2nd
vs agassi 115 on 1st, 105 on 2nd
vs safin 116 on 1st, 102 on 2nd

vs hewitt in 2000 118 on 1st, 103 on 2nd

huge drop in speed for 2001 final

i think this clearly shows that sampras was dead tired in 2001 F - add hewitt's in the zone play and you get double breadstick

put sampras from 2000 sf against 2001 hewitt and it would be close (say, 60-40 that hewitt wins, but in a competitive match)
yeah, my bad; I checked the wrong page ....

with an easier draw for sampras, of course it'd be more competitive ...
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