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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
I've been having difficulty finding a good tension for Stratagem 1.25. It's a very lively string. I've tried 52/53, 54/55, and 56/57 (drop weight.) I broke it on the last knot, so next I tried 56/58 with Stratagem/Spiral Flex. Unfortunately, it still feels to lively. So next I'll try 57/58 full bed with an 8 second delay before clamping. I hope it will be durable enough. I'm not having a good feeling about this string. I use 1 lb. higher cross tension on my Liquidmetal OS because the frame's natural sweetspot is wider than I like.
All equipment preferences are, of course, subjective. However, I'm amazed at how, compared to frames, strings get such widely different opinions from player to player. I tried Strategem because it was listed as similar to Black Widow, which is super-soft, sharply shaped, and very lively/elastic. Based on the above post, and having hit BW, which is very lively, I would have thought that Strategem was similar. However, my experience is that it is the deadest string I've ever hit. Absolutely nothing like BW. I couldn't believe how a string that didn't feel at all stiff could be so unresponsive, even at the very low tensions (38 lbs.) I'm using. Odd how our evaluations are not just different, but polar opposites.

I'm trying to find something soft and responsive/lively, with decent bite and good pop. I've tried Vendetta, and it fits this criteria pretty well. Has anyone tried Revoltec? It's "compare to" string is Polystar Energy, which I've read has having excellent pop. However, after being burned with Strategem's "compare to" information, I'm very leery about taking a flyer on another Pro's Pro string based on this.
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