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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Sorry, I've never tried those, and I can't comment on them without knowing anything about their specs.

However, I would say that in general, weight distribution and stiffness ratio are biggest determinants to spin potential (in that order), followed by string type, with string pattern/tension a distant fourth. For some reason everybody gives too much credit to strings and string pattern.
They are very soft, they flex in the hoop I believe. Stiffness in the 55-58 range, they are very light so require customization. In my case silicone is in the handle, and a good amount of lead under the bumper making them very polarized. Most of the lead is at 12. This makes them 12.6 oz and about 8.5-9 oz head light.

I string with gut in the mains between 50-55 lbs and poly in the cross at 45-50.
5 Head PT57a 12.3 oz. 11 pts HL. Pair of PT167a for the wife. Nursing a semi, one hand both sides.
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