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Thanks for the replies.

To be honest, I've been playing with Rads for so long that I don't even remember the feel of an open pattern. I know that when I demoed the PD before my tennis break I didn't like it, but my game was a bit different.

Also, I mention in my first post that I like the feel and control of the LM, but I better make some points there. I like my groundies with it, specially when I can step into the court and flatten it out, but I don't really get the hang of it in volleys and touch shots. It's just the opposite of what I felt when I was playing with the YT Radical

Looking at the specs of the Blade 98, I think it will be pretty similar to the LM Rad. What about the Speed 18x20? Do the 2 additional in. help? How would you compare it to the Rad?

I've read that it is more powerful than the Rad, but TW ways the opposite

Again, thanks to all
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