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Originally Posted by The Bawss View Post
It's true, it would be like 2-6 4-6 against any of the top 3 right now.
Does that mean he has to play the VTR? No. And I don't really buy that he needs to play these tournaments to see how his knees hold up. He could benefit from one tournament, but not three, which he's going to to sweep singles and doubles. At this point, he should be focused on being as selective as possible when he plays. As far as I'm concerned, he's just adding three more weeks of mileage to his knees. He should just play singles at Acapulco at the most and leave it at that. But even if he just jumped right in at Monte Carlo, for example, he's not going to have to play one of the top three guys until the final, especially if one of them doesn't enter the event, so that's four rounds of preparation. He then has some time before Madrid to see how he recovers. And the only reason I can think for him to play these events is a) money and attention and b) because he's planning on playing the American hard court events, but if he suffers from chronic disability and he just took seven months away from the tour, why would he even consider playing hard-court events so soon?
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