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Originally Posted by travlerajm View Post
Analogous evolution.
Seems convergent too. But...

I actually did quite a bit of experimenting with dividing the stringjob up into multiple separately tied off sections (in order to vary the tension for more even power level distribution without risk of tension equilibration, but I never tried varying the string type too). In the end, I came back to simply omitting the outer strings. It is more reproducible and less of a pain to string, and gives me a well-rounded stringbed that does everything well.
Any risk of frame damage with omitting crosses and mains?

Speaking of frame flex in various planes, what do you make of Yonex's new approach with their 3D Vector shafts? Their marketing says it's meant to improve "face stability", but I wonder what it is really all about. They definitely seem to have moved away from their old MO of stiff head/flexible throat hinge.
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