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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Sorry, I thought my legend had reached the furthest recesses of the TW galaxy, and that I needed no introduction.

My regular frame is a heavily modded Wilson 90 (have played with them all).

Currently experimenting with the IG Prestige Mid also heavily modded (as detailed in my "Basalt Wars: A New Hope" thread)

I don't think the pattern on the blade is tighter than the Prestige Mid. I don't think anything has a tighter pattern than it, and that is a stellar frame.

thanks J. it makes the Blade 93 review all the more puzzling! i wonder what it is that makes the racquet play so differently from what you're used to (a close patterned mid).

I haven't tried it yet. Not many opportunities to demo where I am, but I am looking to get a mid by the summer. Currently using the Steam BLX 100, which I'm going to lead/silicone up soon to make more headlight and increase the swing weight and an old Price 93" frame from my youth.

will check out the basalt wars thread, although i've never seen starwars/trek (I'm assuming there is some relation).
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