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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
That's too bad. The frame seems like a lot of fun, but not overly practical. One of the guys I hit with quite frequently, breaks full ALU in his Prestige Mid in just under 2 hours on average. I doubt he'll be demoing this stick! Haha!

That does make sense though, they'll make a ton of cash on 4G because they are basically marketed hand in hand with each other, but I wonder if the Steam will stand the test of time till the next release. I did hear however, that they want to have the S pattern in player frames next cycle. I'd love to try a 6.1 95 in the S pattern.

Yea, and heh I don't want to discourage anyone, but well try it, you might like it, it's just weird. If you can generate your own spin, this racquet is not necessary. I don't like to blanketly say "This is just a marketing thing", but again I don't think you'll ever see a pro using it, then again they carry 10 racquets with them!
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