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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
I agree with andfor, maybe a tad big. Never been one for allowing kids to lean on excuses regarding equipment as many great players had garbage for equipment growing up.....but in an ideal world she would probably be better suited to a 4 even, 4 1/8 grip.

But I do not agree that grip size is a huge diagnosis reason for tennis elbow. Been well in tune with sports doctors regarding tennis related injuries and thats just not the case.
From first hand experience I can tell you grip size may be "just one component" of correcting TE. Yea, the experts and studies say otherwise.......I do agree to play with what's comfortable, within reason.

String and racquet stiffness along with HH and lighter, longer frames are the major TE causes. But if a player has TE and makes the equipment corrections, follows treatment/rehab and does not improve, checking to see if grip size extremes exist is far from bad advice.
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