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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Would love to take some video and radar of my serves compared to my normal frames.
How do you guys get good radar readings on serves?

I ask as the only time Ive ever radar'ed was using this small "Pocket Radar" device my brother has that can only pick up the ball on the receiving end (i.e. the service box), so it doesnt give the speed off the strings.

Of course, I say this in my feeble defense as this device was only reading ~100 (103 max), when it would even get a reading, for my serves at the other end. I just dont know what 100-103 equals off the strings. (Afterwards, I learned that with this device and tennis serves, they suggest a stepladder right behind the server to be able to get reading that is comparable to the better radar guns. Sounds like too much trouble!)

In any case.....gone are the visions of 120 mph serves! LOL
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