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Ok, So I bit the bullet and got this racket after reading the reviews and trying out the Plus version. I purchased the std length and strung it up with tour bite 16L at 48lbs on a lockout machine. I've gotta say that this surprised me a lot. I usually play with box beam frames i.prestige mid, pure storm tour, dunlop mw 200g. I've never liked the stiff thick beams. This newer version is something else with it's feel. Yes it is light and doesn't absorb off center shots as well in its stock form, but lead can help with that. Usually I would feel hollowness in these type of light thick frames, but it's just the opposite.

What I find is that even with the open pattern and thick beam the control is still there get the feel of box beam instead of massive trampoline feel, but power is easily accessible when you want it. Spin is nice, but I didn't notice too much of a difference from the pure storm tour I was using, but I did polarize it so that may be why. Swinging is definitely much easier and cleaner due to the weight and swingweight. I haven't yet served with it but overall I really love this racket and will switch. Best part is that my backhand is my weakest and this helped with a bit more juice and spin.
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