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I'm not saying to switch frames but I'll offer an argument as to why this frame can still compete w/ today's "technology."

Sure it has heft compared to your newer frame. It was made w/ better components and is probably foam filled rather than hollow. That just means it has less room left for customization and its heft will lead to a heavier ball.

I doubt that the frame will cause you to lose to a 5.0 player. Its my experience that controlling the depth of your shots will dictate whether you are competitive or not. That is, if you are able to keep your shots in the back half of the court, you'll have a better chance.

A few years ago, I felt like you do and switched frames. I went to a lighter Head Radical. I missed the plow through but enjoyed the ability to swing harder and faster. What I found out after a period of time was that I was working harder to hit a deeper ball and that technique allowed me to hit the deeper ball easier w/ my POG and control rallies. I really missed the pop on my serves.

That's my 2cents; just sharing. I believe that the POG2 is still a good frame and a worthy competitor to today's frames. I think the headsize is also 97 sq. in.
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