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Originally Posted by Hawkeye7 View Post
He hasn't won a Major in over 4 months. I just don't think we can expect much after witnessing the poor form he's been showcasing lately... It all started when he lost one set in Brisbane and needed 5 sets to beat a barely moving Federer, playing the worst match of his career. I mean, he hasn't even played a final in 2 weeks or won a match for that matter. He's clearly hopeless as it's very unlikely that wind will aid him to another outdoor title ever again.
Beautifully put.

As you've rightly stated, It's been weeks since a British male made a slam final and over 4 months since a Brit won one of the bloody things.

Will these days of hurt never end? Won't the tennis tornado gods relent and give Albion's finest a second flukey win?
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