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Originally Posted by marc45 View Post
yeah, i's something troubling for federer fans though probably not for roger himself...i'll slip this in here late on a saturday night instead of starting a new thread on it, but with a win in doubles tomorrow nadal would have more doubles titles (9, with 3 losses) than federer (eight, with 5 losses)...this will make for a very difficult sunday night for fed fans, probably a loss of sleep and poor start to the work and school week...i truly hope roger handles the news well in rotterdam and he doesn't have any emotional reactions that would effect his play at a tournament he does well at it...this is big tomorrow, i haven't seen a doubles match in a while that had this much weight to it, clearly it's the more important of the two finals tomorrow...all that matters to fed fans is records so this is huge
Are you f-ing kidding? Who cares? Neither Fed nor his fans will lose any sleep over this. Dream on.
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