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Originally Posted by Fed_Ex View Post
1- IG Speed (MP or Pro)
2- IG Radical MP (they say it has more power)
3- IG Radical Pro
4- BLX Blade 98
5- Yonex Vcore Xi 98
If you are looking for more power and spin rule out 2- (almost the same) 3- (less power and spin) 4- (very similar raquet to a LM RAD MP) 5- You might get a tad more spin. 1- has more power but not much, and more spin.

If you want to feel a real difference you should try a Babolat ADP you will get way more power and spin but control will be an issue for a while. Or maybe the new Blade 98 but 16x19, you still have control and more power and spin than the LM rad MP.
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