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Originally Posted by batz View Post
Luckiest player ever to play the game.

Tell me - in which of the last 3 slam finals did Murray hit his prime? It's just that he's made 3 finals in the last year against 3 finals in the previous 6 - I guess most people would look at that data and conclude that Murray is still on the up - so I'm wondering what insight you have that suggests otherwise?

BTW didn't you say that Murray would never win a slam? Do you always double up when you're wrong?
He's just responding to the reality of the facts at hand. Delusional thinking has always been a mainstay of Murray and his fans. He lucked out to get the one he did. If Nadal was playing, Murray would still have no slams and go down as one of the biggest failures in tennis history.

Murray is a wind-slam wonder. Deal with it. Try winning 17 slams--legitimately--I might add, then we'll talk.
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