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He's just responding to the reality of the facts at hand. Delusional thinking has always been a mainstay of Murray and his fans. He lucked out to get the one he did. If Nadal was playing, Murray would still have no slams and go down as one of the biggest failures in tennis history.

Murray is a wind-slam wonder. Deal with it. Try winning 17 slams--legitimately--I might add, then we'll talk.
October 2011:

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For the last point, see Murray vs. Djokovic in Rome. That was arguably the best match of the year. Murray was two service points away from defeating Djokovic, who was playing some of his best tennis this season. In 2011, Murray is at least on par with Federer, and prize money/points to date reflect that. Honestly, I'm under the impression you only watch slams and glean everything about a player from that. In fact, it is clearly the case if you think "Murray has been nowhere except Tokyo lulz". Do I have to list the number of Masters titles he won where he has beaten 'the big three'?

Again I ask, which is more likely? That Murray overachieves in lower level tournaments and has just skated by on luck and relative indifference of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic? Or that he underachieves in slams due to his mentality?

Murray is the more dynamic player because he can employ successfully a wider number of shots and tactics. I think for the same reason Federer, for instance, is a more dynamic player than Djokovic or Nadal.

Before 2011, this forum was mocking and deriding Djokovic as a 'mental midget with the heart of a loser'. If you had claimed he had a 'champion's mentality' one year ago today, you would have been ridiculed. In 2010, Djokovic was essentially in the same position Murray is now. Sure, everyone forgets it now that the bandwagon has picked up full steam, but Djokovic was constantly derided for his racquet smashing, injury time outs and self-flagellation on the court. He had a slam under his belt, but he was usually dismissed as a one slam wonder.
So when exactly did you change your tune?
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