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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
Well he just lost a final in Hamburg that he should have won, before that lost a final in MC where he was in control of both sets (one he was 4-0 up in and didn't even get to a tiebreak) and then got destroyed at RG. All to Nadal. Then he plays him again with all the pressure to readdress the balance, goes 2-0 down and being unable to take a break points, he then battles back only to lose. I'm surprised he didn't have the AO reaction there.

Yes he had won 5 times in a row, but Nadal won 4 RG titles in a row never losing a match and was pretty annoyed when he finally lost.
I think it is why Fed got destroyed at FO08. He was up in both those previous clay matches, doing what he usually does, and somehow he still lost. At FO, he was just so frustrated he went kamikaze, and thus got destroyed as those pilots do.
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