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Played a match this evening with ZX/6.1/missing cross/ghetto stringbed.

It played surprisingly well. Definitely leans towards the feel/performance of a poly most of the time than any natural gut. Rip the ball and feels like a poly with alot of that crunchy 'thwap, thwap thwap' sensation when striking the ball. But then there's also a pocketing sensation to the strings and also power on demand when you want it. Really quite a forgiving stringbed. Throw in the ability to also play the most delicate of drop shots and you have quite an unusual string because when you hit a very soft, delicate shot, the strings feel soft with good feel/feedback and control. Hit the ball hard and it feels soft poly-esque but with more pocketing. Alot of different facets to this string. For a set at least, I was on fire!

Will need to get it restrung though, otherwise its difficult to tell whether any adverse characteristics are due to the string itself or the missing cross string and ghetto restring. I think I'm going to go slightly lower tension-wise next time.

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