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Originally Posted by Lilguy1456 View Post
Volkl C10 Pro
See what you mean thanks, it should really work for me

Played 2 hours of doubles tonight with my response TI and it was great.
I just swing full and play with the technic I learned as young ( played competitive from age 11-18 ) and the ball just goes where I put it, well not all shots but I didn´t miss much tonight.

More power on all shots thanks to the weight and more control on all shots.
Serving was much easier aswell and my second serve kicker was still spinning good compered to the "easy" to use trampoline citrus frame.

The C10 got a bit thinner frame, 20mm, The TI got 23mm.
But the C got 98 inch head and the TI 97 (well not a HUGE difference here but anyway).

A bit more flex in the frame on the C but that´s something I like.

Thanks for this Lilguy, this is a serious contender

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