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Originally Posted by marosmith View Post
Not sure if you have experimented with the weight, but I think if our racket is stock then yes you need to make changes. With the heavy balls you are getting our racket should probably have a higher swing weight the the stock radical. I would add weight, and decide if you like the balance or if I want to made it more evenly balanced vs. head light and gravitate to more weight on the extremes.

If you must get a new racket, try the radical pro and see if the open pattern helps, but even then you will want to add weight IMO
I've already experimented with it, and I seem to like it with some weight at 2 and 10 and counterbalance in handle. The racquets are asking for retirement though, they are pretty worn out.

Originally Posted by El Zed View Post
I respectfully recommend you get past the "player's frame" misnomer. Nadal, Tsonga and Roddick are all "players" that have previously used and/or currently use Babs that are very close to their retail counterparts.

Frankly, I think you should just get an APD. Get the French Open editions if you feel the need to be different. Last year's model can be spec'd up to being very comfortable, powerful and stable - while not sacrificing any of its other qualities.

As to the other racquets on your list, I have not tried either the Wilson or the Yonex. I had the opportunity to spend some time with a pro stock IG Speed Pro and it was rubbish.

The IG Radical is a very nice racquet. My fiancee recently got a couple, and it's feel/performance to me is reminiscent of the PT57. That being said, it's still going to play more similarly to your LMR than to the APD. It might feel slightly flexier and/or more powerful, but the lineage is clear and you'll still likely have the exact same issues (perhaps more so due to the flex). For my money, though, I'd pick the APD if I was a modern type of player focused on clay.
Maybe you're right, but every time I play with a Babolat I keep getting the feel of playing with a baseball bat. I guess it's something you get used to. Clay tennis nowadays isn't too much about feel and nice points anyways

Originally Posted by VeeSe View Post
I would call the IG Speed 18x20 a very low powered racquet, and I felt the same as the TW playtesters when I tried it. You need to swing fast to make your power with it.
And what about the Graphene Pro? TW review is almost unreal :/ 89 out of 100 on groundstrokes
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