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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Yeah, that's pretty cool - polys play very stiff with short dwell time even on slow swings/touch shots. Polyesque on groundies, softness and feel on touch shots - sounds pretty nice.
Not sure if I was imagining this but the stringbed seemed slightly stiffer this time round. I hoping that was just due to having removed a number of the crosses and re-pulled tension on them rather than the strings starting to go dead. The last cross above the gap also showed a bit of movement this evening without going back into the place. The other strings were okay.

I'm going to have restart this playtest with a new set. Bit annoying really because at various times, I was really enjoying hitting with this string/racquet combination. During my first set hitting with the ZX earlier today, it actually crossed my mind that I hadn't had this much fun with the 6.1 since the time I strung it with a Wilson NG / Alu Rough hybrid. The ZX/6.1 combo was that satisfying.

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