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1. it was his home turf, in his mind (arrogant or not its up to you) his name should have already been put as the 2008 champion before hand.
2. Hadnt won a slam that year when the previous year he had won 3.
3. He couldnt believe he lost to nadal on grass after being destroyed in RG and not winning hamburg (which he really shouldve won)
4. Comes back from 2 sets down and gets a chance at 4-3 30-40 in the 5th and chokes it.

so yeah this one hurt because he really shouldve been agressive forced that first set to a breaker after having many bp's when rafa served for the set or shouldve won the second set 6-3 but instead falters and gives it away. And despite all that he finally comes back saving MP's and having a BP to serve for the match and falters. So yeah it sucks
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