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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
He still hasn't. Legitimately.
TTMR is quite right of course but, as usual, his overly generous nature tends to underestimate the scale of the problem. I can see we're now going to have trawl through every single Slam final (and a few others besides) and question their legitimacy whenever any wind was blowing on court. Before we even get to Murray, Fed's definitely going to have to forfeit 2012 Wimbledon as he was clearly aided when it changed from an outside final (as it should be) to an indoor final when the roof closed because of the rain and Rafa will have to forfeit 2012 RG as the rain clearly aided him in coming back from that 3rd set slump. Records are going to slash and tumble wherever we look.

Get ready to change those stats, folks!
"I have to apologise because I clearly pushed Roger so hard on Thursday!" (Andy Murray on why Federer couldn't play the WTF final).
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