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Originally Posted by SAFINATORZ View Post
I mean seriously who is going to stop novak now? it will definitely take time for nadal to be back at his peak level, unless a miracle happens. Many players will go into the matches with nadal and try to knock him out ON CLAY.
novak looks unstoppable, he's mentally tough. Unless he sustains an injury or illness, there is no stopping the serb in his quest for the career GS, which can happen at the french.
On clay? 2013 could be Novak's best clay season ever.

He WILL be stopped at Wimbledon be either Murray or Federer.

A funny stat. Federer and Agassi completed the Career Slam at RG when they reached their 5th Sf there. This year Novak will be gunning for his 5th SF at RG. The 5th RG SF seems to be a good omen for completing the Career Slam there.
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