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Originally Posted by Netspirit View Post
But recently they became more frequent and started to last longer, allowing Murray to progress through the entire draw and win tournaments he is not supposed to win. If this climate trend continues, hitting to the middle of the court will become the only way to land your shots in, and Murray will dominate the USO and other outdoor events too.
Wow, and as it is now too late to stop climate change this means Murray will win everything he plays as he is the only player who knows how to cope with climate change!

He will be the new GOAT and will finish his career on 30+ Majors, at least a dozen WTFs and at least 20 more Masters.

Fed, Djoko and Rafa will eat their hearts outs. They're just climate change LOSERS!

"I have to apologise because I clearly pushed Roger so hard on Thursday!" (Andy Murray on why Federer couldn't play the WTF final).
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