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Originally Posted by zam88 View Post
i think the guy who played in the 2011 FO semis was capable of beating any version of Federer on clay.

His last best performance on grass was probably 2008 wimbledon.. I don't think the 2009 Wimbledon or 2012 Wimbledon Federer could've touched the 2006-2008 guy.

On hard courts it's the 2010 AO version. He was fantastic
Utter BS. Any Federer of 2006 on clay would destroy that Federer of 2011 plus Rafa in the final. 2006 Federer on clay would have beaten 2010 Nadal on clay too, convincingly. I say that as a Nadal fan...
Djokovic2011 on Nadal at RG :"Peak Graf would've given him a good run for his money".
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