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Originally Posted by rqtguy View Post
Fearsome, I did searches on the TT database for email addresses, names, and user names and could not find that several people were banned prior to conducting business with them.

What am I missing?

PS I can't even email you
You didn't do anything wrong. The guy you did that deal with has quite a reputation. If you search the refs for kirbster123 or bigapple, you should find this lovely self reference along with whatever negative refs were left for him. It would have been difficult for you to determine franco_wood was the same guy. I suggest googling whatever info you have along with conducting a search on TW. And also be aware that in some cases TW negative references are highly edited or completely deleted after the fact.

My point is simply to make people aware that this sort of thing goes on and advise them to act accordingly.

If someone here has a website and is willing to give up a page or two on it as a subdomain, we could list all known info on TW Classified Scammers/Problem Cases off of this site but provide a link to it so people could refer to it. We would not have to be so careful about what we say as we are here.

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