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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
You know what the funny thing about this thread is? This was written when Murray was just 20 years old. I like it how they write it off like Murray's window was closing and his opportunities were quickly vanishing at the old age of 20, this is why I do a face palm right before writing any replies, seriously.

Do people here not know anything about how much you change every year? Try to imagine yourself at age 20 and think of how different you were/are at age 30 (for those who are older than 15 like most the the kiddies here). I would say you accomplish a lot more than you probably thought you ever would, and you probably are a much different individual too.
As you can see, some people on here can never write with maturity and reason about tennis players. Such people develop quick likes and dislikes. If they like you, you can do no wrong and they will always make excuses for your failures. If they dislike you, they will troll you without mercy, never give you credit for anything you achieve and trip over themselves to sneer at your failures.

Murray is one player who seems to have incurred dislike from a whole raft of people on here. Therefore, in their eyes, he cannot be any good. If he wins anything it must be because his opponent was tired or ill or he must have had a cake draw and, even then, he could certainly not win anything as big as a Major! The fact that he did so must mean that it was a fluke because of the climactic conditions or that his opponent had one day less rest than he did (note that Murray is never allowed the same excuses. If he had one day less rest or struggled with the climactic conditions it is simply because he is no good).

They are just laughable and pathetic and, as you say, most of them have probably been staying up too late and running the danger of not getting up in time for kindergarten in the morning.

I'm pleased to say that not all of us are like that. There are some of us who can still discuss tennis and tennis players with reason and wit and, most importantly, objectivity. I hope you'll join us!
Andy Murray: "In front of the cameras I'm a little bit shy. When the cameras are off I'm a different person."
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