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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
same thing. everything moving forward.
nothing being pulled back.

extension is not related to whether you have a straight arm or a bent arm. extension is shoulder abduction or space under shoulder/elbow distance from torso. oscar's student has none.

djokovic. bent arm. great extension

What do you consider "pulling back"?

By pulling back, I'm just talking about pulling the arm back and to the left to increase the racket head speed. If a player puts their whole body into accelerating their arm that way, it pulls their body back and to the left. It doesn't have to even cause movement, but rather a shifting of their weight from their front right foot to their back left foot (on the forehand). Often times, it DOES cause the player to move back and to the left though if they're getting off the ground during their shot.

I don't think the extension has to do with Oscar's method, but rather that individual player. I agree, he doesn't get much extension and looks kind of cramped.

I really think we're just confused over the terminology here.

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