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Originally Posted by egn View Post
Tournament 1 after missing 8 months of play. Sure he lost to Zeballos, but did you see the way he creamed Chardy. Zeballos was playing with tempo and exposing some weaknesses in Nadal's current game. However I doubt Nadal is too worried. Nadal's whole point of playing this week was to get back in action. He's going to play a full blown clay court schedule just so he can regain his form. I do not worry about Nadal right now. Let's see how he is in April. That is a lot of time. He started off his European 05 run with a lost to Andreev, which most have forgotten by now. Nadal is beatable again on clay, I think that is clear, but to say he has no chance and to give Djokovic the French Open is ridiculous. Djokovic has only made one final in the past two years, he can still lose early as well, lets not jump the gun.
nadal looked rusty in the final. he was leaving shots and serves short and zeballos took advantage. more matchplay will help. i didn't see any indications that he's got lingering injuries.
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