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Originally Posted by DeShaun View Post
Why did he make it? I have only implied a possible reason. That he made it before the final only partially allays my suspicions as to the color of his motivation. That's all. I could be completely wrong, but I took the offensive knowing the risk involved. It is generally not good policy to attack other posters, but when you have a strong hunch about something, it is OK not to ignore your gut IMO. If he disagrees with what I said, he can add me to his ignore list or come straight back at me and refute what I said. I am not above taking correction in such events, and I do not seek nor need to have the final say.

When defining a subject, I was taught to set forward its essential attributes and to avoid at all costs using examples of that subject, because from its genus a species inherits every property of the genus, but the genus does not have every property belonging to all of the species that it encompasses. If ever forced to use an example in defining a subject, I was taught to settle for no less than a superlative example, one that beyond any doubt bests illustrates the subject. For me, the superlative example of Roger taking a loss hard was 09 OZ where his tears gushed. And so, on a Spiderman level I detected something was amiss when I read this thread title.

You assumed he made this thread because you thought he was mad that Rafa lost in Chile. Fact: he made the thread before the finals in Chile, which proves you were wrong. The OP is not *** (a notorious Fed basher) therefore, one should read his thread without malice.

On your second paragraph: I'm not a native speaker and obviously not as eloquent as you are, but you have flouted several maxims in Gricean's efficient way of communication.

Truth to be told with regards to this bowl of soup, with assurances required from my vast experience of world cuisines, the cardamom gives it an extra edge. I can also detect the presence of vinegar which enhances the mixture of garlic and wild onions. The abundance of salt however overwhelms the teaspoon of honey in the additives. I would prefer it to be cooked on a pre-heated oven on a very low temperature that will gradually rise to maximum limit of 90 degrees celsius. It should be served immediately. Sorry, all I wanted to say was: That damned soup was too salty and too cold for my liking.
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