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Originally Posted by Rocky89 View Post
Yikes I forgot about that one, well in that case Rafa ain't got a chance. Unless he drastically improves during this tournament, which I doubt will happen that quickly.
Nico could be hurting over that AO loss though and he could choke when he realises he has a chnace to win. But Almagro's game is certainly good enough to beat Nadal at the present time. After the AO I said that if that loss didn't kill him, he would be a danger to Nadal in these events.

Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
He he, onions is a mental giant compared to Mugro!
Please, Nico might choke matches but some respect. He's not a mug, he's a very good player. And won't you look silly if he doesn't choke and actually beats Nadal? How long before you act as humble as your hero? I much prefer you when you are lol.
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