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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
i don't know what pulling back is.

they are getting their rhs from kinetic chain, rotation, loose wrist, ssc, etc and maybe a pull across to the left for some side spin or more top or some rhs.
i don't know how or why anyone would pull 'back'. pulling back doesn't make sense. pulling across to increase angular momentum just before contact makes sense. the racquet head is slowing after contact and it still moves forward after contact. look at those djoko pics. where would a pulling back come in to play there. his arm is extended forward all the way long after the ball is gone.
These guys are loose at contact and loose after. They are not pulling back fighting rotation.

and yes i agree to some point regarding oscars student. but he seems like a pretty good player. good form and footwork. i don't think he plays like that while not recording a vid for oscar. i'm sure he gets full extension and drives into the ball during his regular play. but that pulling back makes him off balance and cramped. which makes sense if you 'pull back' while trying to hit a ball forward.
Yes, it's pulling up and across just before contact to increase angular momentum. The pulling back part comes from how the arm moves AFTER contact. At contact it's going up and across. You want to pull because you get more leverage if your arm comes in towards body. It's basically the concept of brushing up and across at contact (angular), versus extending through 5 balls (linear). Oscar's way of describing it as "pulling" is a term meant to help teach the motion.

The pulling isn't meant to fight rotation, the point is to help increase rotation.
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